We shape your cable.

A legend left us, but we continue his life’s work. Markus „Katzi“ Katzengruber legacy lives on and we continue to grow it. From day one, since PMC was founded, the team has shared a common history with Shape Obstacles. Together with Aljosa (Owner Positive Boards) we construct and build high-quality wakeboard features in any kind of form. Wakeboarding isn’t only a sport for us, it is our passion and we take our customers seriously and their feedback enables us to improve the products.

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What we believe

We have focused on producing durable products that also offer a lot of variety. For a creative sport like wakeboarding, it’s vital that parks don’t stay static, but rather remain in a state of constant flux. That’s the path to increased acceptance, new participants and greater growth.

What we do

We are focused on creating the best features of our customers. Our team has many years of experience in the sport, and brings the expertise and the know-how in the shape of the features. Through the constant exchange with our pro rider team, we further develop and adapt our products.

What we already done

Since 2011 over 500 obstacles have been sold all over the world. Many well-known cable owners count on our skills and are satisfied customers. We put our customers priorities first and bring a spirit of innovation, progression and sustainability to everything we do - while having as much fun as possible.

Strong team - fulfilling all your wishes

Our people, product, and our Team riders are hallmarks of our brand and define our process and purpose. We are proud to be able to call such motivated people our employees. Our goal is to create innovative & high-quality wakeboard features in any kind of form!

Michael Schwab
Aljosa Fijavz
Erich Bscheider
Mike Hiesböck
Head of R&D
Stephanie Huber
Head of Marketing
Johannes Köck
Head of Sales
Bogdan Gracner
Head of Production
Markus Danner
Welding Lead
Domen Kline
Quality Lead
Stas Simon Fijavz
CNC Lead

Shape Obstacles Team riders

Meet the Shape Obstacles Team Riders and Ambassadors. These are the people who help us test and innovate every product we make. Together with them we develop signature features that fully express the style, preferences and unique tastes of the riders.

Dom Hernler
Only very few people know to shred like Dominik Hernler does.
Elena Bodi
This young rising star began wakeboarding at a summer sports camp when she was 12 years old.
Joe Battleday
His name already indicates that nothing can stop him so quickly.
Pedro Caldas
Our brasil gun is one of the most promising talents in the sport.
Sam De Haan
Our Dutchman Sam drew attention to himself at the contest years ago.
Jules Charraud
Jules is probably one of the greatest potential riders, with the most complete riding technique.
Loic Deschaux
Concrete, snow or water – Loic would rather be found standing on a board than on his feet.
Lisa Baloo
She is rightly the most up-and-coming cable wakeboarder in recent years.
Timo Kapl
Is he regular or is he goofy? Nobody truly knows, but legends say he’s both.
Miles Töller
Miles has been wakeboarding for 17 years and he is a real all-rounder on the wakeboard.

Our Future Tracks

Our path forward is clear: If we want to continue having fun in the mountains, we must focus on positively impacting our people, planet, and sport.

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