Our team riders

These individuals are instrumental in testing and innovating every product we create.

Dominik Hernler
Dominik Hernler is a name that is synonymous with wakeboarding excellence. His style is characterized by his powerful and technical tricks, combined with a smooth and effortless flow.
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Pedro Caldas
Our brasil gun is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of wakeboarding, is making waves with his incredible talent and passion for the sport. Get to know him now because soon you'll see his name everywhere.
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Jules Charraud
Jules Charraud is making a name for himself with his incredible skills and fearless approach to the sport. Hailing from France, Jules has quickly become known for his innovative tricks and stylish riding.
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Joe Battleday
His name already indicates that nothing can stop him so quickly. Growing up near the beautiful lakes of the UK, he spent countless hours honing his craft and pushing the limits of what is possible on a wakeboard.
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Massimiliano Piffaretti
Growing up at a picturesque lake in Italy, he was drawn to the thrill and excitement of wakeboarding. In addition to his individual success, Massimo has also represented Italy in international wakeboarding competitions.
Max van Helvoort
Hailing from the Netherlands, Max has quickly risen through the ranks and established himself as one of the top riders in the industry. He brings steeze and style to the park by blending his two passions of snowboarding and wakeboarding together.
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Elena Bodi
What makes Elena truly unique is her style on the wakeboard. She constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible. In addition to her individual achievements, she has also made a name for herself in the wakeboarding competition circuit.
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Lisa Baloo
With her skill, passion, and determination, Lisa has become a prominent figure in the wakeboarding community. Her success can be attributed to her dedication and rigorous training. She spends countless hours perfecting her skills.
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Jamie Lopina
Jamie Lopina, an American wakeboarder, is making waves in the world of water sports. She says her favorite aspect of wakeboarding is getting out on the water all day, everyday, and being able to work on her own individual and unique style.
Spanish Mafia
This group of  wakeboarders has taken the wakeboarding scene by storm with their unique style. Hailing from the beautiful coastal regions of Spain, these riders have captivated audiences with their impressive tricks and breathtaking performances.
team series

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