Our Future Tracks

Our path forward is crystal clear: If we want to continue experiencing the joy and thrill of water sports, particularly wakeboarding, it is imperative that we prioritize making a positive impact on our people, planet, and the sport itself.

At Shape Obstacles, we wholeheartedly believe in this mission and are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for wakeboarding.

We understand that our actions today will shape the experiences of future generations, and that is why we are committed to taking responsible steps towards a better tomorrow. There is much to fear in the face of the climate crisis, but don't let hopelessness overwhelm you. Many companies are already working on producing sustainably - including our company. Our earth is our home, our playground and source of inspiration. We must protect our world.

For our People

Putting people first means providing fair wages, sourcing products responsibly, and making sure everyone feels welcome in our community. To meet our commitments to safe and fair work, we ensure our standards are met. We are also constantly improving working conditions.

For our Planet

We minimize our impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and ensuring we make durable products. Our goal is to create the best possible wakeboard features. That's why we use responsibly sourced, eco-friendly materials to reduce resource consumption and improve emissions from manufacturing.