We provide a wide range of services


Our service starts with a comprehensive consultation, because features are an important part of every cablepark. We show you the possibilities of how you can design your obstacle setup in a modular and variable way and help you design a target group-specific obstacle layout.


Whether full size cable or 2.0 system - we will find the right product for you. Each obstacle is created as a 3D model and is also thoroughly checked by our team and team riders and we help you with the anchor planning.


All Elements can get foiled with individual Advertisments or we do recesses with the cnc milling machine, where foiled aluminum plates fit in. We can create the right graphic for you in-house.

Content production

We support you with professional content production, consisting of our team riders, photographers and filmmakers. We take care of the organization and create sustainable added value for your wakeboard cablepark.


Almost everyone these days has a personal social media page. For this reason, we promote each project on our channels and platforms such as Handle Magazine, Cable Mekka and Insidewake in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

Shape Obstacles catalog

Whether it’s giving your wakepark a makeover, our expert team is at your side. Download the new product catalog here:

Sell your used feature

The basic principle of the PMC platform is to bring more features into circulation. PMC can market your used features and find the next owner. We are happy to advise you and help you to realize your visions. Become part of their community!