We provide a wide range of services

Our service starts with an in-depth consultation, since features are vital elements of every cablepark.

Obstacles for all sorts of cableparks

We show you the options for designing your obstacle setup in a modular and variable manner and help you design a target group-specific obstacle layout.


Whether a full-size cable or a 2.0 system - we will find the right product for you. Each obstacle is created as a 3D model and is also thoroughly checked by our team and team riders. We also help you with anchor planning.


All elements can be covered with advertisements or made with recesses using the CNC milling machine, in which foiled aluminium plates can be inserted. We can create the right graphic for you in-house.

Content production

As an addiontional service we can support you with the production of professional content comprising our Pro Riders, photographers and filmmakers. We take care of the organisation and create sustainable added value for your cablepark.


Almost everyone these days has a personal social media profile. That is why we promote each project on our channels and platforms, such as the Handle Magazine, Cable Mekka and Insidewake, in a manner suited to the target audience.

Shape Obstacles catalog

Elevate your wakeboarding experience with our top-of-the-line features that are designed to take your skills to new heights. At Shape Obstacles, we are passionate about wakeboarding and committed to providing the highest quality features for riders of all levels. Shop with confidence knowing that you are investing in top-quality features that are trusted by riders worldwide. 

Ready to take your wakeboarding skills to the next level? Start browsing now and download our product catalog here:

Our partnership with PMC

Ready to sell your used feature or rent a brand new one? Thanks to our partnership with PMC, that is exactly what we can offer you. The basic principle of this platform is to bring more features into circulation. Sustainability and quality are top priorities at PMC: that is why this collaboration was a logical choice. The inventory of features used is being continuously updated. Choose your favorite and send a non-binding inquiry with the name of the cable park and the exact address. Our data will be treated as confidential. Buy sustainably – for the sake of the environment.

Shape your cable!

We provide support in developing ideas to creating fresh Shape Obstacles feature combinations.  Ready to get started?

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